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Lessons you won’t learn in college or in school which I learned from money

Last year I have learned some lessons on how you should manage your finances. It has led me to start investing in stocks and has given me a long term investment goal. When applying these lessons to my financial situation, I started to see similarities between time and money management…

If you want to reach a goal, say run a marathon, start training in silence, and smash everyone’s expectations. Here’s why

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In the book The Motivation Myth, Jeff Haden tells why to keep your goals a secret and should definitely not brag about it. Above I gave the example of running a marathon as a goal and I will stick to that example. So once you have decided you want to…

Almost everyone has goals in life, however, not everyone will reach those goals. Some blame their lack of talent and others say that they aren’t able to find the motivation. After reading and listening to some books about talent and motivation, these things are what taught me the most.

1. People are not born with talent

Most people will disagree on this point. At first, I also believed in talent the way most people do. However, when I read the book ‘Peak’ by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool my perspective on talent changed. Most people see talent as being born with some kind of genetic code…

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